Sea Fight – An addicting online pirate game

Sea Fight is an interesting spin to free MMORPGs. Not only is registration and membership free, but you can win prizes as well. The prizes range from a $50 to $20,000! Players can battle other ships, plunder islands, customize battle equipment, and much more in this live online game. The graphics are nothing like Runescape, and the client is completely different, however many Runescape players will enjoy this unique game.

Planeshift – Free For Life

planeshift game
I LOVE the concept of this game. Unlike most game developers, the Planeshift team intends on keeping this game free. I’ve been watching this game develop alongside Runescape for a long time and it has come a long way. The game is nowhere near complete, but the game creators have all the intention to make this a game with many features like Runescape. Eventually player houses, a very nice combat system (with a much better magic system that Runescape) and a full scale economy will be developed. The great thing about joining a developing game is being able to master the game before the mainstream gamer crowd flocks to it. Of course, you’ll never completely be able to master it since many features are still in development, you can still submit your input on the game, which the developers will take into much more consideration compared to Runescape and other games like Runescape. You get to choose from several races, dwarves, elves, humans, and more. There are several variations within with unique names and features such as Ylians, Dermorians, Clan Stonebreakers, and Klyros. I highly suggest taking a look at this game and keeping an eye on it’s development because it seems very promising.

Knight Online – A Free Game Like Runescape

Knight Online - A Free Game Like Runescape

Ok ok, before determining whether it’s a worthy game comparable to Runescape, let’s take a look at what they claim… They claim to have heart-pumping PvP in a Fantasy MMORPG where you can choose sides in an epic conflict between El Morad and Karus. Does this sound like Runescape? Sounds more like WoW. Anywho, moving on. You get to decide between a sorcery-wielding mage, a stoic Priest, a bone-crushing warrior, or shadowy Rogue. You can fight in bi-weekly wars and castle sieges as well. You can fight in a permanent PvP environment. Okay. PERMANENT PvP environment. I like the sound of that. It basically sounds up like a beefed up version of Runescape. I like the concept. This is definitely a full screen client, unlike Runescape. The graphics are much better than Runescape as well. Viewing the screenshots on their main sight, it appears that they have marketplaces and huge congregations just like Runescape. I’m going to check this game out further, and I may consider it as a feature game of the month. If you are looking for a great game like Runescape, consider Knight Online.