Featured Game of the Month

My featured game of the month is Eve Online.

Breathtaking graphics, expanding player base, and an upcoming expansion make it an excellent Runescape alternative.

Eve Online is clearly based on a different genre, which I believe many Runescape fans will find compelling.

Why Eve Online over Runescape?

*Level up tasks are not repetitive and do not require constant attention, unlike Runescape. Runescape requires hours of attention to make an impact in the game.

*New players stand a fighting chance throughout combat. There are alliances of new players that band together to combat the more experienced players.

*The community is much more mature and friendly compared to Runescape.

I have only pointed out a few obvious reasons as to why the game is superior. Take a look for yourself.

Eve-Online is one of the many numerous games like Runescape. Please utilize the navigation on the left to see many more great alternatives.